WordPress is one of the most popular hosting sites on the internet. Over 40% of websites are powered by WordPress – not bad for a platform that only launched in 2003. The platform can support everything from e-commerce sites to writing portfolios and personal blogs. WordPress is the website provider of choice for businesses in every industry, thanks to its user-friendly interface and content management system. While you might decide to open a free account on WordPress, investing in hosting is the best way to set your website up for success.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is a pre-configured system that helps you get the most out of your website. Packages will vary depending on the provider, but most focus on improving security, increasing website speed, and simplifying the daily running of your website. WordPress has lightweight hosting requirements, meaning that virtually any hosting company can help power your website.

There are two types of WordPress hosting:

• Shared WordPress hosting is the cheaper option and involves your website sharing a server with other sites. You’ll still enjoy performance optimization and take advantage of a one-click WordPress installer.
• Managed WordPress hosting is more expensive but offers faster speeds, server-side caching, better security, and staging sites. This type of hosting is primarily used by larger websites like the New York Times.

For most websites, shared WordPress hosting will offer more than enough services and added extras to give you a healthy return on your investment. As your website starts to grow and you experience more traffic, you can always upgrade your plans or transfer to managed WordPress hosting.

In practical terms, you can think of WordPress hosting as being a little like purchasing a little part of a server to help your website run smoothly. WordPress hosting will be offered by companies that have expert knowledge in how the software works. They can help you take advantage of everything WordPress has to offer for your business.

Often, these packages are about more than just the hosting element of your website. At Rootpal, when you take out a WordPress hosting package with us, we’ll tailor our services to the needs of your industry and website to help you get the most out of our services. WordPress hosting sets your website up for success and gives it the tools to handle high-volume traffic.

Why Do I Need WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is the platform of choice for some of the most visited websites online, including Airbnb, Disney, and Spotify. When you invest in WordPress hosting, you’re optimizing your website to meet the full potential of what WordPress can offer in terms of performance and security.

While you can always open a free WordPress account, hosting is what enables you to maximize the performance of your website and improve the user experience. Without hosting, your website will suffer, and you might see a reduction in user engagement with your content and website. When you put the time, effort, and finances into a website, you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. WordPress hosting gives you a solid foundation to grow your online platform with higher performance and increased security to improve the user experience.

WordPress hosting can also involve extras like plugin upgrades and themes to help keep your website up-to-date and running smoothly. Not everyone is an expert in WordPress. You might not have the time to deal with the backend of your website. Investing in WordPress hosting can save you time and maximize your business’ efficiency by letting you focus on your goals and the daily running of your business. When you think of all the time WordPress hosting could save you, it quickly starts to feel like you’re paying nothing at all.

When you’re looking around for WordPress hosting packages, you want to consider what added value you’re getting. You want more than just hosting facilities for your site. Whether you’re a start-up or a business with ambitious expansion plans, you want to find a hosting provider that offers dedicated customer support so that you always have someone to call if something happens to your website. The support team that comes with your WordPress hosting service can help you scale up your website. They’ll be there to respond to any issues with your site before they start to disrupt your business.

What Makes Rootpal Different

At Rootpal, we pride ourselves on delivering an unmatched hosting experience. Our team are on-hand to offer 24/7 support for all your WordPress needs. As a small business, we’re aware of the impact COVID-19 has had on both start-up and established companies. If you’re a business that has been affected by the pandemic, you can speak to one of our team about getting a discount on your WordPress hosting package.

What makes Rootpal unique is that we help you choose the perfect hosting plan for your business and keep your serves and OS up-to-date. Unlike other hosting businesses, you’ll always find a human on the end of the phone or e-mail chain when you have a question or inquiry. We’ll help you with migrating your apps, servers, and websites over to your WordPress set-up as part of your onboarding package. Unlike competitors, we won’t limit your traffic and offer unlimited bandwidth.

All of our hosting packages include free Anti-DDoS unlimited production to give you extra peace of mind. We don’t charge any overage fees and instead offer unmetered and unlimited network traffic across our network with no caps or additional charges.

Our ‘Start-up’ WordPress package is set at an affordable rate of $4 per month, offering you 2 WordPress sites, 20GB SSD storage, and extra features like WordPress auto-upgrade. The ‘Grow’ WordPress package is $7 per month and covers 10 WordPress sites, with 50GB SSD Storage. Our premium package is the ‘Scale’ offering at $10 per month with 10 WordPress sites and 100GB SSD storage.

Want to test our WordPress hosting for free? You can try our seven-day trial for free using the form here.