Hi Rooty Users,

Here is a full update on what has happened at Rootpal in the last few weeks:

We have nearly restored all the servers and services that were affected by the exploit/outage that happened on 08/17/2022. We restored from the working backups that we had. We are still investigating what happened but it looks like our billing platform was exploited in some way for a user to gain access to cause damage and delete all the server data that Rootpal owns. This is something that was not preventable and is an unfortunate event as it seems the main goal was to try and delete as much data as they could as well as delete the backup data that was attached to the Plesk servers which is possible directly from Plesk.

We have invested into improving our security even more and also raising concerns to the the team at WHMCS about the exploit, and what has happened and we will continue to follow it. We have also invested even more into another backup solution that takes snapshots/full backups of the server instead of using Plesk’s backup software which is slow and has problems. We are excited to see Jetbackup releasing a Plesk extension soon and will be investing in JetBackup as a better backup solution for Plesk control panels.

Anyone that was on the Web Wiza server, the data was completely lost and we are unable to restore as the backups were deleted as well. If you are on this server we will provision you a new hosting account and we will even offer you a cPanel hosting account as well if you are interested.

We are working hard to get to everyone’s tickets and restore their access to Plesk as well as re-connect their accounts, so please be patient while we get to your ticket. This outage/exploit has been devastating to Rootpal and our customers and we are doing everything we can to recover from it.

We have provisioned 3 new servers in the US and we are working on implementing an additional backup solution for each server so that we will have 3 different backup solutions and improved data redundancy so if an issue like this were to happen again we could recover from it much faster.

If you are still having issues with your account or hosting, please create a support ticket and wait for our team to help you.

Thank you,

The Rootpal Team