Please follow this page for updates on the restoration of servers.

09/01/2022 Update:

We are currently working to restore your sites and files as soon as possible and for this to happen we are restoring your websites on different servers closer to where our backups of the servers live.

If you use our nameservers you don’t have to change or point your domain to the new IP of where your site will live, this only is for people who use an external DNS or Cloudflare. You will need to point A record to the new IP below for where your site is hosted, but if you use our nameservers you do not need to make any changes.

If you are getting a WordPress Database not found, please make sure your database name matches your wp-config.php the database on your hosting account (The name may have changed due to the restoration of your site)

Web Mill – has been restored to Web Giga – Point your domain to IP:

Web Lono – has been restored – Point your domain to IP:

Web Viva – has been restored – No change to IP – server is now operational

Cloud Gala – has been restored – No Change to IP – server is now operational

Web Giga – has been restored – No Change to IP

Cloud Waze – has been restored – Point your domain to IP:

Web Siga – has been restored – Point your domain to IP:

Web Wamp – has been restored – Point your domain to IP:

Web Wave – has been restored – Point your domain to IP:

Web Warp – has been restored – Point your domain to IP:

Web Wiza – still trying to restore from a backup, the backup was corrupted by the exploiter.

08/19/2022 Update:

Here is an update on what happened:

Although we have taken extreme measures to protect our servers, the portal software that we use WHMCS requires you to use usernames and passwords to connect to the servers API to allow customers to log in to their control panel.

We suspect our WHMCS portal software was exploited to allow someone to log in and wipe all our servers. Also known as a Zero day exploit. No customer account information was compromised, however all data on all servers was entirely wiped.

Additionally we have primarily use Plesk as a control panel for hosting which has the worst backup and restoration process of any hosting control panel. Although Plesk is great, the backup and restoration takes days to weeks to complete as it is not a multi process restore. We have been waiting to for JetBackup to be released for Plesk which was suppose to come out later this year.

Our plan moving forward is we will have to rebuild all the servers which we have already started and will start restoring from the backups we have. At this time we do not know if there is any data loss at this time. Please check to see which servers are online which means they have been rebuilt and the restore process has started.

This process can take time and we can’t provide ETAs as this could take weeks to restore or sooner depending on the slow Plesk restore process.

If you have backups we suggest restoring them on another hosting provider or we can provide you a server to start using and restoring on to get your websites back online once our portal software is up again. We understand this is an unfortunate event for our customers and we are working tirelessly to restore and recover as much as we can. We should have the portal software up within the next day.

We will be looking to see how to patch and protect the WHMCS portal software with the WHMCS team.Thank you.