Hello Rooty Users!

We are proud to launch our new ASP.NET hosting service for all our customers. We are continuing to expand our products and range of services and with this, we have opened up a new world into Windows and .NET hosting.

Our new ASP.NET hosting plans allow you to host ASP.NET websites, .NET Core applications, SQL Server databases, MYSQL databases, PHP applications, and WordPress websites.

We have built our ASP.NET Windows hosting on top of NVMe SSD drives, making it the fastest Windows hosting you will have ever experienced. With NVMe this makes SQL Server processing 10x faster and better for your applications than when running SSD. We believe the future is speed and giving our users the processing power they need to host their applications.

We will be launching our ASP.NET web hosting out of our US West Coast data center to start with and then expanding into our other datacenters that our WordPress hosting plans have. This will take some time, however, so please be patient while we continue to expand our services!

Our ASP.NET reseller hosting will be available to customers in the next 2 weeks!

Thank you for being part of Rootpal’s Growth and we hope to continue to bring you more great services and continue to expand!