Hello Rooty Users!

We have launched our new US Central Datacenter, a lot of our customers asked us if we would be expanding into the midwest and we have!

Our new data center is located in the heart of st. Louis, Missouri USA, this provides anyone in the mid-west with the best speeds and is also great for West Coast and East Coast as it sits directly in the middle of the USA.

Also moving forward all of our servers and new hardware will be using NVMe drives which perform up to 10x faster than regular SSD drives, increasing performance and uptimes on our WordPress hosting.

Recently we upgraded our Web-Mega server from SSD to NVMe and we have seen a huge performance in speed, performance, and reliability.  We will slowly start migrating all our older servers to NVMe drives so that everyone can benefit from the performance they provide for loading WordPress sites and any website that is database-driven as it provides faster database interactions.

Thank you for being part of Rootpal’s Growth and we hope to continue to bring you more great services and continue to expand!