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Rootpal puts your desktop in the Cloud

Managed Windows 10, and Linux desktops for your business.  Deploy desktops for your employees on-demand within a secure Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution.

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Provide secure cloud desktops for remote, mobile, and contract employees

Our cloud PC infrastructure makes it easy for IT departments in any industry to provide fast, easy access to secure cloud desktops.

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“Rootpal's managed backup and storage services have saved us multiple times already.  They helped fully restore important data that could've cost us tens of thousands.” Kelvin Hudson, Web Admin
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Check out some of the benefits of having Cloud PC’s

Simple Desktop Delivery

Our Cloud PC’s eliminate the many administrative’s tasks with managing a desktop lifecycle, including provisioning, deploying, maintaining, and recycling desktops.  There is also less hardware inventory to manage.

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Secured Data

Cloud PC’s are deployed within a secured private network which provide each user with access to persistent, encrypted storage volumes.  User’s data are stored on a secure cloud desktop instead of a local device.

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Reduce Costs

Cloud PC’s reduce the need to over-buy desktop and laptop resources by providing on-demand access to cloud desktops that include a range of compute, memory, and storage resources to meet your users’ performance needs.

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Central Desktop Management

Cloud PC’s are available in multi-regions around the globe and provides access to high performance cloud desktops wherever your teams need to get work done.  You can manage thousands of workstations in one central console.

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Working remotely has never been so easy.

Secure, scale, provision, remote desktop’s on the fly within a cloud infrastructure.

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