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Take control of a cloud dedicated server with 100% scalability and 100% resource usuage.

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$129/m Great for: high traffic sites, multiple websites, small apps, resellers.
  • 4 Cores
  • 16 GB RAM (Upgradeable)
  • 200 GB SSD  (or 1TB HDD Upgradeable)
$199/m Great for: databases, small SaaS, large resellers, multiple apps.
  • 4 Cores
  • 24 GB RAM (Upgradeable)
  • 500 GB SSD (or 2TB HDD Upgradeable)
$249/m Great for: multi-user apps, big databases, large SaaS, virtualization.
  • 8 Cores
  • 32GB RAM (Upgradeable)
  • 1 TB SSD (or 2TB HDD Upgradeable)

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Every Cloud Server Includes

No hidden fees, no addons, it’s all included.

Dedicated Resources

No need to fight over resources, it’s all yours.

Unlimited DDoS Protection

No matter how big the attack we got your back.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We don’t limit you on traffic like other providers.

Managed Support

We help you with everything, and we mean everything!

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    We support all operating systems

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    Fast Deployment, Fully Upgradeable

    No Contracts. Transparent pricing, and a team ready to
    build your cloud server infrastructure.

    Cloud Server FAQs

    • What is a Cloud Dedi Server? keyboard_arrow_right
      A cloud dedi server is a server that is fully upgradeable with all the aspects of having dedicated resources, just like a dedicated server.  You can easily upgrade cloud dedicated servers because they are virtualized.
    • It’s best to choose a cloud dedi server when you need your platform to scale quickly.  If you expect quick growth then a cloud dedi server might be the best route to your hosting solution.  You get the full aspects of a dedicated server but in a virtualized environment, which allows for easily scalability, quick snapshot backups, and many other features.
    • Our highly trained staff are ready to manage your hardware, web server and even offer “Beyond Scope” support for software that is not covered under our fully managed umbrella.

      Operating systems we support:

      • Windows Server
      • Centos
      • uBuntu
      • Cloudlinux
      • and many more…

      Our servers come with multiple levels of management, that are suited to meet your specific needs. You can customize your management level during the setup process by selecting the server image type including multiple management panels like:

      • cPanel
      • Plesk
      • DirectAdmin
      • and many more…

    • A dedicated server is a physical server that dedicates all the hardware and resources to you the client.  While a Cloud Dedicated server is similar it is a virtualized server that allows the admin to take full control of all the virtualized resources that have been allocated to the cloud dedicated server but with many other benefits.

      The best reasons to choose a Cloud Dedicated Server over a Dedicated Server:

      • You need scalability for your apps.
      • You want snapshot backups.
      • You expect to grow quickly
      • You want high-availability
      • The ability to remove and add resources instantly.

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    Your Cloud servers are fully covered by our included managed support.

    Hosting without the worry.  Rely on us for your 24/7/365 support.

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